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Our brains are designed for moving, not sitting.”
Eric Jensen, Brain Researcher

Don't just teach the state standards. Slam dunk them! Brain research shows that students grasp concepts more readily and thoroughly when structured movement is part of the lesson. But body-based learning activities can be intimidating for classroom teachers. How do we open students’ minds to learning through joyous and inclusive movement activities without losing control or focus? Let Carol Glynn Show you how!

Our CMT scores have continued to rise, since Carol’s ideas have become part of our writing curriculum. I can’t think of a better person to be impacting education and children’s lives. Her workshop is a MUST for all teachers who want to meet the state standards while making their classrooms engaging, exciting, challenging and fun.
Karen Loiselle, Superintendent, Colchester Public Schools, Colchester, CT

Seminars and Speeches are available in a variety of formats, including:
Week Long Conference Tracks
Full Day Professional Development Seminars
Half Day Speeches and Presentations
Hour long speech and/ or seminar formats

Learning On Their Feet:
Kinesthetic Learning Across the Curriculum

Teach the state standards while having fun! This dynamic workshop introduces kinesthetic and dramatic structures across the K-12 curriculum to help captivate every student in the room. This idea packed workshop will provide teachers with scores of practical curriculum connected dramatic and kinesthetic exercises to help students learn required Language Arts, Social Studies, Math, and Science lessons using their whole bodies. Carol Glynn will guide the teachers to create their own activities to compliment their teaching in addition to providing specific hands-on, body based, curriculum lessons which will captivate all students in the classroom by tapping into their multiple intelligences. Each teacher will leave with time tested structures, and concrete ideas, as well as renewed motivation to stretch their teaching techniques and tools to reach their more challenging, active students.
This workshop can be taught in any combination of the following grades and subjects
K-6, K-8, K-12, K-2, 3-5, 5-8, 9-12
Social Studies, Language Arts, Math, Science, Social Issues, Presentation Techniques

All The Worlds A Stage: Just Not in My Classroom:
This Keynote/Seminar addresses the top ten reasons educators fear and resist getting students out of their seats to learn. Carol Glynn provides strategies to overcome the fear while respecting each educators comfort level. This educational and entertaining presentation includes research supporting the use of arts as a teaching/learning tool to reach and support all learners, humorous and touching stories all educators can identify with, in addition to clear classroom techniques and activities that will adapt to any subject and topic.

24 Lead Roles
During this teacher seminar, educators will learn how to take any academic or social subject, curricular topic or story, and create a presentation out of it, with lead roles for all.
Carol Glynn will present sample structures from the ìinstant assemblyî to tips and structures for full class productions. Carol believes that people can truly act out anything, and this workshop provides the means to do it, complete with classroom management techniques, tips on creating starring rolls for specially challenged students to shine, and a concrete plans and strategies to make it all time efficient.

Why Dramatize the Curriculum?

To challenge and stretch people of all ages
To experience learning using a variety of multiple intelligences
To build teams
To build individual confidence
To provide an opportunity for all students to shine
To provide an open forum for positive peer feedback
To create opportunities for discussion, (for performers and audience members)
To share their learning with peer groups, parents, and the community, giving parents a peek into the classroom process within a presentation format.
To learn any curricular topic by acting it out, to remember it for life!
To increase writing skills
To develop presentation skills
To provide an appropriate public forum for students to have a collective voice on any given topic

Who Would Benefit? Ask this principal:

Thank you so much for making my day (actually making my year!) with your masterful organization , facilitation, motivation and teaching which led our children to perform so well at the Grade Two Literacy Plays yesterday. You are the best! You gave our children the opportunity, the stage, and the guidance to demonstrate their literacy skills (speaking, reading, listening, viewing, and writing) via this wonderful and memorable experience. You extended our Grade 2 Teachers superb day-to day literacy instruction to culminate in this performance. The Literacy plays not only enriched the literacy skills of our children, it served to build their confidence to take on future educational challenges. Parents were so pleased and proud of their children’s performances!! As Principal, I couldn’t be more thrilled about this experience. The memory of this experience will last a lifetime for our Grade 2 families. We are blessed to have you work with us! Thank you over and over!
Dr. David Miko, Principal, Lillie B. Haynes Elementary School, East Lyme, CT

* A perfect format for classes and community groups exploring current events and issues, natural disasters, the attacks of 9/11, bullying, and diversity.
* Excellent for schools that have town meetings, school wide presentations for peers, parents and/ or the community.
* An exceptional structured format to bring literature to life, at any grade level, through developing characters, acting out conflicts, becoming part of the setting.
*An extraordinary way to learn by doing. Students learn concepts and specific details by acting out the details, from taxation without representation to the circulatory system.

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