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“I love the group participation. It’s a night and day difference in a workshop setting. I’m leaving today with boundless ideas and songs in my head. This was real ‘development’ for a professional!”
Grade 4 Teacher, Norwalk, CT

“Thank you again for an extraordinary experience! There was not one game, activity or exercise that I cannot take back and immediately use in my classroom!”
Linda Chase, New Boston Central School, New Hampshire.

“This was probably the most valuable workshop I’ve been to in my 20 years of teaching! Carol Glynn should inservice all school systems. What a find!”
Jeanne Rago, Resource Room K-6 Enfield, CT

“Carol, Your workshop was worth the entire price of this conference!”
Susan Griffin Stockton, Grade 8, Salem North Carolina

“This session was phenomenal. I have a student who is this presenter. I have run out of ideas to “control” him and now I realize what I need to do is to channel and I have the ideas and resources to do it. I liked doing the activities. ”
Colorado Council International Reading Association Conference on Literacy

“Holy Fantastic! Everyone with middle school kids needs this and could benefit from Carol’s ideas!”
New England League of Middle Schools, 21st Annual Conference, Providence, RI

“My first thought was, I would like to have my town have to work with my children’s teachers. So I will try these with my students. What I love is small amount of materials ($) Lots of natural communication. Best inservice I’ve had! Thanks!”
Jennifer Bonk, 9-12 Math, Lebanon Public Schools, CT

“I am a new teacher, AKA a thief prowling for ideas. This presentation was like walking into an unlocked vault full of treasures.”
Middle School Teacher, Lebanon, CT

“Great program with some good ideas even for 11th graders. Can see a periodic table song!”
Andy Riley 11th grade chemistry, Lebanon, CT

“The best professional development I ever attended. A thoroughly entertaining presentation with a multitude of practical applications.”
Shaun Liebskind, High School and Middle school French. Lebanon, CT

“GREAT PRESENTATION! Helps to learn new ways to liven up class and help all types of learners. Movement is cool. Will be especially great for 9th graders, but I see it working for my A. P. class too. They need to know there is more than one way to do things.”
Anita Calamo, Grades 9 and 12, Lebanon, CT

“Excellent! Great ideas that I can use in my general music classes. Gives me another angle in which to make the class interesting.
Mike Abbott, 5-8 Music.

“I understand more about the pulmonary system after today than I did in high school. I’ll remember that in my classroom! Thanks for the great practical ideas, too. I‘ll start using them tomorrow.”
2nd and 3rd Grade, Lebanon, CT

“Your energy and creativity conveys to educators with different styles that it is important to think “outside the box” . Everyone learns differently. Your presentation reminds educators of this and encourages them to explore various routes when teaching.
Kari Sassu, School Psych Intern, Meriden, CT

“Wow! What energy! I envy and admire your uninhibited personality! I believe I will now be more creative in my teaching . Your “statues” and “openers” are very valuable . Super Workshop!”
Ma. A Gutman, Grade 4. A.I.S, Vienna Austria

“The most helpful and fun workshop I have attended!”
Brenda Herron, K, Florence Italy

“Carol demonstrated many specific hands-on games and activities that can be used in all areas of the curriculum. The activities were very adaptable for many ages and grade levels. Great energy and very exciting imaginative improvisation were used to keep everyone interested Carol was fantastic!”
Ann Winner, Grade 1, Vienna, Austria

“Wealth of experience! Thank you for sharing this in an enthusoiastic way. Very inspiring. Brilliant.”
Christa Howarth, Annorth International School, (Hamburg, Germany)

“Wonderful Seminar!”
Yetunde Aloe Grades K-6, Drama Teacher, Lagos Nigeria

“A fabulous [idea] was to use the same games in different subjects. I love not having to teach the rules each time and only adapt the category or subject. Thank you for the energy and perspective on our kinesthetic kids.”
Kirsten Gray, Grade 6, Barcelona Spain

“Very interactive! Super ideas! Easily Integrated! Wow!”
Amy Miller, Grade 3, Pully, Switzerland

“Very interesting and fun activities I can apply many of these ideas in my classes. We could use more professional days like these.”
Grade 6, Lebanon, CT

“Fantastic! I’ve used some ideas already, but not with as much oomph! I see now how energy works! Thanks for inspiring!
Ellen Turner K-4 Art, Willimantic, CT

“Hi Carol, I enjoyed your workshop tremendously and am looking for ways to use some of your ideas in counseling groups. I was a bit reluctant to get up at first, but then I “got into” it. Thank you for a nice experience!”
Carolina Herfkens, Psychologist, Lebanon, CT

“Carol, Your energy is contagious! I plan to inflict my class with a lot, mucho kinesthetic energy—starting in August and enduring until June!
Edie Ritz, 5-8 Spanish, Lebanon, CT

“Thanks Carol for great ideas and energy and “how to” use it in classroom learning activities for all ages. The most fun we’ve had at an inservice training!” Elementary School Teacher, Lebanon, CT

“Awesome! As a beginning teacher I learned tons of great activities and had lots of fun learning them. I am energized and ready to have a great year with the students and make an impact on their lives. Thank you for making an impact on me and my new career!”
Elementary Level, Lebanon, CT

“ Fun and enjoying. Some good ideas for physical activities which I can introduce into my science class. Looking forward to trying them out. Thanks.”
7th grade science teacher, Lebanon, CT

“This program opened my eyes to simple things that can make a big difference. As a special Ed teacher, there were some ideas that I can incorporate into small groups.”
Sheri Wilson, Grade 8, Special Ed, Lebanon, CT

Note from a Principal: “I have one teacher who I love who has been teaching for 32 years. Every time, however, we have a workshop she always indicates she learned nothing new! You were the exception! You can’t believe how excited she was.”
Karen Loiselle, Principal, Hopewell School Glastonbury, CT

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. Many of my students are cognitively low and require a great deal of repetition for learning. I will definitely use these ideas for my integrated in the regular classroom speech and language lessons. The ‘regular’ ed students won’t even realize the benefits.”
Janet McCann, K-4, Middletown, CT

“Not only was this fun, but the strategies, as we practiced them are simple to do and to adapt as well as being highly effective. Thank you.”
H. L. Davenport, Administrator,Woodbridge, CT

“The ideas presented are instantly usable in the classroom. I like that ways were mentioned to challenge children and ideas were given to help kids who might be shy or not up to speed with certain academic areas.”
Julie Chironna, Grade 2, Norwalk, CT

“Wow! Dynamic! Makes teaching and learning fun! Lesson strategies that really help students learn subjects and remember them!”
Merilyn Libratore, Principal, Westport, CT

“Fabulous Day! Thanks for all the energetic ideas that we can use NOW!”
Pat Bogart, Music K-5Wilton, CT

“Excellent Seminar! We were constantly involved and never for one moment were we bored.”
Darcie Szwec, Grade 1, Norwalk, CT

“Truly fascinating, truly motivating, truly inspiring, truly invigorating! This seminar was a shot of adrenalin – WOW!”
Betsy Barosky, Grade 3, New Canaan, CT

“FANTASTIC! Invigorating! Exciting and fulfilling! You don’t want the workshop to stop! (end!) More! More! More! I loved the inter-curricular exchange of art, music, history and math! Love that all subjects are mixed and makes learning fun! More than fun!”
Nancy Kelly, Grade 3, Norwalk, CT

“Carol, I’ve learned so much from you today. For instance you’ve rejuvenated my appreciation for how kids have different learning styles that I need to adapt to often!”
M. Binns, Grade 3, Norwalk, CT

“It was a fun filled day. It went by very fast. At first I thought it would be such a long day. I wish I had learned about our government the way you presented it. I actually may have remembered it! I like the fact that many or most of your activities don’t need many materials or prep. I like the point you made that kinesthetic activities are good for all students, not just kinesthetic learners.”
Mary Beth Wetmore, Intern, Ridgefield, CT

“I’m beginning my 30th year teaching. This was not my first HOTS (Higher Order Thinking) conference, but I have to say this was the absolute best! Carol models wonderful teaching strategies and techniques. I was not disengaged one moment! I had a ball. Thank you Carol. You’ll live on in my work!”
Karen Rubino, Killingly Central School

“I highly recommend attending a workshop with Carol. The activities she introduces work well with every subject area and allow students with any level of knowledge or multiple intelligence to participate.”
Krista Romeo, Lincoln Middle School, 7th grade Math Teacher, Meriden, CT

“It has been an absolute thrill to work with Carol Glynn again. Everything – every creative activity- was tailored to address any curricular area. I’ve never taken a workshop that has provided so many incredible strategies. She is a creative inspiration!”
Joan Hurley, Hartford Magnet School, Hartford, CT

“Carol Glynn’s institute track was incredible! These are activities I know I will use! Quick, easy, fun – the kids and I are going to have a great time. You are exhilarating to work with. You get everyone involved, and moving, and your humor is beautiful.” Thank you for passing your talents on!”
Jennifer Leach, John Lyman School, Middlefield, CT

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