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“Thank you so much for making my day (actually making my year!) with your masterful organization , facilitation, motivation and teaching which led our children to perform so well at the Grade Two Literacy Plays yesterday. You are the best! You gave our children the opportunity, the stage, and the guidance to demonstrate their literacy skills (speaking, reading, listening, viewing, and writing) via this wonderful and memorable experience. You extended our Grade 2 Teachers’ superb day-to day literacy instruction to culminate in this performance. The Literacy plays not only enriched the literacy skills of our children, it served to build their confidence to take on future educational challenges. Parents were so pleased and proud of their children’s performances!! A Principal, I couldn’t be more thrilled about this experience. The memory of this experience (like Camp Rowland) will last a lifetime for our Grade 2 families. We are blessed to have you work with us!
Thank you over and over! ”
Dr. David Miko, Principal, Lillie B. Haynes Elementary School, East Lyme, CT

“I used to write with my hand, Carol Glynn taught me to write with my heart.”
5th grader, Colchester Intermediate School, Colchester, CT

“You made us believe in ourselves.”
4th grader, Rogers Magnet School, Stamford, CT

“I think I already learned it before, but I never used it. It’s like it was stuck in my body and Carol Glynn let it out.”
2nd Grader, Staples Elementary School, Easton, CT

“If it got any funnier, I would laugh my head off.”
2nd grader, Fairfield, CT

“Carol should be on every school’s list for presenters. She is an outstanding professional. Students and staff were treated to a wonderful array of stories that were humorous and spellbinding.”
Olga Manos, Norwich Public Schools

“That was the best assembly we’ve had in this building in 20 years!”
Jerry Stanard, 4th Grade Teacher

“Without you, this could have been a total disaster!”
Steve Sigal, Managing Director, Garde Arts Center

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for another spectacular show! The students did an amazing job thanks to your dedication, enthusiasm and creativity. I feel very fortunate that three of my children have had the pleasure of working with you. They each had a wonderful experience and I look forward to the next show!”
Michelle Falcone, Parent, Easton, CT

Referring to Project MIND, at Camp Rowland: “You have taken what could have been an awkward and somewhat sad experience for the children and turned it into an outstanding creative learning opportunity. By designing an integrated project based on art residencies, the children of Lillie B. Haynes School will not only have an opportunity for artistic expression, they will also learn the important life lesson of using their minds to make an unusual situation a positive experience. The [student] performances you have planned, will no doubt be the highlight of the school year. ”
Christopher J. Dodd, United States Senator

“This workshop offered an insightful creative, multidisciplinary and innovatively structured opportunity for learning and teaching. The presentation was refreshing and offered a wide variety of tools for reaching and motivating students and nurturing authentic learning.”
Mrs. Laurie Dwyer, K-3/Art New Milford, CT

“Outstanding! I’ve practiced some of your ideas along with others and have always marveled at the enhanced performance of my students. It is so important to try anything it takes to ensure that each child achieve to his/her fullest potential.”
Christina Lower, Grade 4, Marlborough, CT

“Thank you for such a wonderful learning opportunity! It was great to hear examples for all grade levels! Your energy and ideas are amazing!”
Julie Rivera, K , Glastonbury, CT

“Thanks for connecting the activity to the curriculum. This clarifies how to integrate the kinesthetic learning style with content. Your ideas will help my students learn in so many ways!”
Kate Butler, Grade 4 , Meriden, CT

“Carol Glynn is a remarkable speaker, entertaining and informative. Her creative , easily adaptable activities for tapping into the multiple intelligences is inspirational!” Kathy Lawlor, Grade 4, Manchester CT

“A wonderful, informative, fast-paced inservice workshop. I was amazed at all the creative ideas that could be easily used in the classroom. Please come back again!”
C. Cooper, Grade 4, Glastonbury, CT

“So many creative, practical. Easy techniques, strategies and ideas in such a small amount of time. Love her energy!! Awesome way to boost learning!”
Joan Angello, K, Rocky Hill, CT

“Thanks for giving me some fun, useful ideas that I will be able to put into action tomorrow.”
Krisin Daley, Grade 4, Glastonbury, CT

“What an inspiration you are! I wish you could come back as an artist in residence. You are so understanding of our unique student learners. I’ve always felt we would have less “labeled” students if we included movement in our instruction. Thank you for the validation.”
Pam Merwin, Grade 1, Glastonbury, CT

“Thank you for giving me so many great ideas for my classroom. I will use these ideas because my kids really need more activity in their day.”
Karen Scaglia , Grade 2, Amston, CT

“Thanks so very much for sharing! Such a motivating presentation! I am eager to get started!”
Elizabeth Corthouts, K-2, Spe. Ed, Glastonbury, CT

“Being a new teacher, it is challenging to develop structure in your classroom and allow students to “spread their wings” without losing control. This workshop taught me how to do just that, provide structure while allowing kids to grow and enjoy learning, without losing control. This was by far the best workshop I have attended. The ideas given are incredible and, best of all, easy to incorporate into daily lessons. Thank you so much!”
Sarah Boucher, Grade 2, Glastonbury, CT

“In a world filled with lots of books and pencils, it is great to know that I am not alone in thinking there is a lot more to the education of a child.”
Tracy Nevims, Grade 8, Connecticut

“Fantastic and enthusiastic presentation! Lots of materials and ideas that I can use in my classroom tomorrow! The day flew and I’m so happy I came!”
Shannon Oricchio, Grade 3, Brookfield, CT

“This was an incredible day! I have learned so much to help every student learn in my classroom. Definitely time well spent. I would love to have you come to my classroom and work with my students.”
Patty Corso, Grade 6, 7, Science, New Milford, CT

“This was an excellent workshop that showed teachers how to teach students in the students own comfort zone and learning in a fun way.”
Jean Ficke, Grade 5/6 Special Ed. Torrington, CT

“Excellent information for teachers to obtain and bring into their own classrooms. She makes learning fun and I believe a ‘better’ way to teach for student understanding and retention.”
Monique luna, Grade 4, New Milford, CT

“Thank you for a wonderful experience. Many of my students are cognitively low and require a great deal of repetition for learning. I will definitely use these ideas for my integrated- in-the- regular classroom speech and language lessons. The regular-ed students won’t even realize the benefits they give my student via fun repetition!”
Janet McCann, K-4, Middletown, CT

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