Actors are like writers who show the details of their characters right on their bodies, through character movement, posture, a bottomless pit of facial expressions, and a vast range of voices. Using the same goal that writers use, delighting readers and audiences worldwide, Carol Glynn explodes onto the stage enthralling audiences with engaging characterizations, humorous twists, thoughtful solutions, and an unleashed enthusiasm for life. Carol Glynn crafts extraordinary characters weaving them through conflicts and events students can identify and grow with. Audience participation in every show!

Assemblies Include:

Courage, and other worries…

Grades K-5 and Families

Carol Glynn leaps right to the heart of handling bullies, involving practical strategies, bystander tips, and a survival toolbox crafted into energetic, entertaining stories told with humor, and song. This show includes audience participation, tattling vs. telling, and gallons of self esteem. Students will identify with the characters, learn to cope and breathe easily as Carol’s character’s take charge and move forward with strength, hope and common sense.


Wacky Wisdom
Grades K-4 and Families

Giant Wisdom in small steps: Try not to litter or it might stick to you. Use manners. Look at the world from another’s point of view. Unconditional love, and even fairy tale math! Stories delightfully brought to life using music, dance, puppetry and gobs of humor.


Connecticut Legends and Lore
Grades 3-6 and Families

Students learn local history first hand, by becoming the Charter Oak, visiting the Leatherman, singing a house in Salem’s Gardner Lake, feeding oysters to George Washington’s horse, and getting married at Bride’s Brook. No fewer than twenty audience participation characters involved. An annual favorite for schools celebrating Connecticut’s history, who have requested this performance for up to 8 years in a row!


Fractured and Funky Tales
Grades K-6 and Families

Classic poems and original stories for all ages. Carol’s highly energetic and humorous characters stick with you. Extremely entertaining pieces with a lively dose of self esteem thrown in. Carol’s longest running assembly full of signature stories that delight the kid in all of us .

“To present ‘Fractured and Funky Tales’ to a roomful of laughing elementary students Tuesday, Carol Glynn, became a paunchy executive, a boy dancer and a father spider. She also became a cow, a giraffe, a turtle, and cat and a monkey… They don’t realize what they saw was about reading. Instead of watching TV, they were listening to stories. The expression on their faces told it all.”
Republican American


Worldwind Tales
Grades K-5 and Families

Stories from around the world and around the block! West African, Asian, European and American characters celebrate the differences and similarities in all of us. Never a dull moment as Carol Glynn’s boundless energy and extraordinary characters are revealed throughout fully crafted stories, and songs. Audiences participate in every show.

Carol's Book: Learning On Their Feet
Carol's Video Set: Carol Out Of The Box
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